7 Incredible Apricot Oil Benefits For Beauty, Skin, And Hair

7 Incredible Apricot Oil Benefits For Beauty, Skin, And Hair

Apricot is undoubtedly a delicious fruit that’s enriched with a whole lot of beneficial components. While most people are well aware of the role apricots play in holistic wellness, few appreciate the benefits offered by their oil extract.

Yes, apricot oil, extracted from the kernels or seeds of the apricot, has quite a bit to offer too. (2) Apricots are pretty small, and their velvety skin and flesh give them quite a juicy and smooth texture. While all of us enjoy the faint tartness of the fruit, not many of us know how to use this fruit for our skin and hair. Do you know how apricot oil benefits your beauty, skin, and hair?

Apricot oil benefits as a beauty remedy by acting as a potent facial scrub. It promotes skin growth and also nourishes dry skin. Apricot oil works well against active acne and can also soften your lips. The oil nourishes dry, brittle nails while also working as an effective carrier oil. It promotes scalp health and makes your hair shiny.

But how? How is it possible that apricot oil has such potent effects on your overall beauty? Is it possible that one item can work as a perfect beauty treatment for you, taking care of everything from your nails to hair and more? Indeed! And you are about to find out how!


Apricot Oil Benefits For Skin, Hair, And More

The use of apricot oil isn’t really uncommon. But most people are not fully aware of the extent to which it can benefit them. Naturally, you must be wondering what’s the secret behind the magical effects of apricot oil on beauty.

For one thing, it’s rich in oleic acid that promotes overall wellness and gives a boost to your brain and heart health. (4) It also comprises a high concentration of Vitamin E (5) and readily absorbs in the skin. The oil contains abundant nutrients, proteins, and unsaturated fatty acids that further contribute to the many benefits that it offers. (6)

So without further ado, let’s move onto discussing the various apricot oil benefits and how you can make the most of this incredible gift of nature.

7 apricot oil benefits for beauty, skin and hair

1.  Get A Natural Facial Scrub With Apricot Oil

Exfoliating your skin is vital if you don’t want your skin to lose its radiance. After all, how else will your face get rid of the dead cells that not only make it dull but also clog the pores? While most facial scrubs available on the market contain chemicals, apricot oil comes to your assistance.

How Apricot Oil Works As A Facial Scrub?

Apricot kernels stimulate new skin growth.(7) They ensure that old and dead skin cells are removed from the surface. As the skin gets rid of the damaged surface cells, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines also reduces significantly. As a result, apricot oil also functions as a potent anti-aging ally. (8)

How To Use Apricot Oil As A Facial Scrub?

Using apricot oil as a facial scrub will give you soft and glowing skin like you always wanted. And it wouldn’t even take more than a few minutes! Here’s what you need to do.

  • Mix some apricot oil with coarse crystal sugar.
  • Apply the mixture to your face and massage it gently.
  • Let it remain on your face for around five to 10 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

That’s it! Your work is done!  Using this scrub regularly will get your radiant skin back in no time!

Get A Natural Facial Scrub With Apricot Oil

2.  Nourish Your Dry Skin With Apricot Oil

Dry skin can be such a nuisance, isn’t it? After all, no one likes their skin rough and flaky. It’s no surprise that women are willing to spend quite a bit of money to deal with this problem. But you can make the most of apricot oil benefits to nourish your skin without spending a ton for the purpose.

How Apricot Oil Nourishes Dry Skin?

Apricot oil is light and absorbs into your skin readily. This is because the oil bears significant similarity to the oil sebum produced by the skin naturally.

Therefore, it improves your skin tone while also maintaining its softness and radiance. Apricot oil is enriched with vitamin C and E that provide your skin with deep nourishment and also give a boost to your skin’s ability to retain elasticity. (9) The oil also contains antioxidants that protect your cells against damage from free radicals. (10)

How To Use Apricot Oil To Nourish Dry Skin?

There isn’t much that you will have to do. Apricot oil works like magic on rough and chapped skin.

Apply the oil to the dry area and let it be. It will be absorbed into your skin within a short span so rinsing it off isn’t necessary.

The oil works as a natural moisturizer, reaching the deep layers of the skin and providing the nutrition it needs.

You can also use it as a night oil. Apply it on your face and hands and leave overnight. Get ready to witness how your skin gets back its softness the following day.

Nourish Your Dry Skin With Apricot Oil

3.  Get Rid of Acne With Apricot Oil

Acne is one skin-related issue that’s highly prevalent and troublesome. People are willing to go to great lengths to prevent breakouts. But more often than not, it’s easier said than done. Very few remedies work against active acne. Luckily, apricot oil is an exception.

How Does Apricot Oil Benefits Skin Susceptible To Acne?

Apricot oil contains a high concentration of antioxidants. (11) Hence, it is pretty effective in protecting and rejuvenating the skin, irrespective of its type. Apricot oil controls inflammation (12) of active acne and also prevents sebum buildup in the glands. As a result, it manages to alleviate the symptoms of active acne to a large extent.

How To Use Apricot Oil To Get Rid Of Acne?

Keep one thing in mind. If you want to prevent breakouts, you have to treat your skin gently. Here’s how you can use apricot oil to keep acne at bay.

  • Take a couple of teaspoons of apricot oil in the palm of your hand and apply it to your dry face.
  • Massage the oil into the skin gently, using your fingertips for the purpose for a couple of minutes. Let the oil penetrate the skin.
  • Now wipe the oil away using a damp, warm washcloth for the purpose. Avoid pressing too hard as this will worsen the breakouts. You can rinse it off with warm water too.

Follow the procedure daily in the morning, and your skin will get rid of acne in no time.

Get Rid of Acne With Apricot Oil

4.  Soften Your Lips With Apricot Oil

Yes, apricot oil benefits aren’t limited to your facial skin. You can make your lips soft and smooth with the help of this oil too.

How Apricot Oil Softens The Skin?

Apricot oil contains linoleic acid strengthens the skin’s barrier function. (13) The presence of oleic acid in the oil enables it to soften the skin, giving it a satin-like feel. Apricot oil moisturizes and nurtures your lips while also protecting them from being dry and cracked.

How To Use Apricot Oil To Soften Your Lips?

You can create the perfect lip balm that will make your lips soft and luscious with the help of apricot oil. Here’s how.

  • Combine four teaspoons of jojoba oil, ten teaspoons of apricot kernel oil, and around a tablespoon of beeswax in a double boiler.
  • Heat the mixture, stirring it occasionally. Continue until beeswax is melted and remove it from heat.
  • Add a dash of essential oil and grapefruit seed extract to the mix, and your lip balm is ready.
  • Pour the mixture into lip balm jars and let it cool.

You can now use the balm to get luscious lips like you always wanted!

Soften Your Lips With Apricot Oil

5.  Get Rid Of Dry, Brittle Nails With Apricot Oil

It’s pretty common for nails to turn dry and brittle during winters. The loss of moisture contributes to this uncomfortable situation. Most people think there really isn’t much you can do to improve your nails. But that’s not true. Apricot oil benefits are here to help you out!

How Apricot Oil Helps In Dealing With Dry, Brittle Nails?

Apricot oil has softening and nourishing properties. (14) Hence it not only nourishes but also strengthens the brittle nails. The oil also works its magic on the dry, ragged cuticles. It improves skin elasticity and softness and also soothes patches of inflammation (15) that develop due to dry nails.

How To Use Apricot Oil To Deal With Dry, Brittle Nails?

It’s pretty straightforward. You don’t have to prepare any complication mixture for this. Simply apply apricot oil on your nails and rub it gently on the cuticles. Do this daily, and you will get smooth and shiny nails soon enough.

If you want your hands to get the soft feel, too, apply apricot oil on them before showering, and it will yield desired results in no time.

use apricot oil for dry nails

6.  Use Apricot Oil As A Carrier Oil

It’s not uncommon for essential oils to be used in combination with another carrier oil. This is because the properties of essential oils are retained optimally when they are used on their own. Carrier oil is needed to ensure their absorption into the skin. This is where apricot oil can help.

Why Does Apricot Oil Function As The Best Carrier Oil?

The most significant benefit of apricot oil is that it absorbs into your skin readily. Hence, it works pretty well as a means to deliver essential oil to your skin layers (16) Furthermore, apricot oil is also good for the infusion of herbs. It’s also lightweight, (17) which further seals its role as an effective carrier oil.

How To Use Apricot Oil As A Carrier Oil?

You can make a massage solution with apricot oil pretty easily.

  • Prepare a blend of apricot oil with the essential oil of your choice. You can use lavender, rose, or jasmine for this purpose.
  • Apply the mixture on areas of inflammation or where skin conditions are most troublesome and massage gently.
  • Massage your skin with the blend regularly to repair damaged skin and keep it healthy.

You will feel the difference instantly. Apricot oil massage soothes sore muscles and joints and also works well against skin conditions like eczema.

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7.  Promote Healthy Scalp And Shiny Hair With Apricot Oil

Our hair is subjected to rigorous conditions all day long. It’s not really surprising that it loses its shine and becomes dry and dull. Fortunately, getting back its softness is easier than you realize. That’s what apricot oil is here for!

How Apricot Oil Promotes A Healthy Scalp?

Apricot oil contains a high content of oleic acid. This emollient makes your hair and scalp softer. The omega-9 fatty acid moisturizes your hair and scalp and also increases its hydration level. 

The oil also comprises linoleic acid that works to retain moisture in your hair and scalp. Additionally, it has a pleasant light fragrance which makes it all the more soothing!

Apricot oil has astringent properties (20) that enhance the grip of the scalp on hair follicles, thereby slowing the rate of hair loss.

How To Use Apricot Oil To Get Shiny Hair And A Healthy Scalp?

Apricot oil is pretty effective in detangling and nourishing your hair strands. Hence, it also promotes hair growth. If you want to get rid of scalp-related issues like dryness and make your hair shiny, here’s what you need to do.

  • Blend six to eight drops of apricot oil with an almond carrier oil.
  • Apply it to your hair and scalp.
  • Massage the blend into your scalp in a gentle and circular motion.
  • Let it sit for around 20 minutes, and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

You will notice how your hair appears soft and silky instantly. Use this blend three to four times a week, and your hair health and growth will leave you surprised!

If you are dealing with excessive hair loss, you can heat the blend gently to make a hot oil hair treatment mask. This will minimize hair loss caused by a lack of adequate hair nutrition or buildup of chemical agents.

If you are worried about excessive itchiness in the scalp or want to get rid of split ends, there’s another remedy you can try.

Mix five drops of apricot oil with an equal amount of ylang-ylang essential oil and use it with your mild shampoo and conditioner. This blend will not only alleviate itchiness but also make your hair more bouncy and shiny.

Promote Healthy Scalp And Shiny Hair With Apricot Oil

Get The Ultimate Beauty Treatment Remedy With Apricot Oil Now!

There’s so much you can get out of apricot oil. The best part about apricot oil benefits is that its effects aren’t limited to a particular area. It shows its magic on hair, skin, nails, and your overall wellbeing.

You can use apricot oil as a nourishing and anti-aging agent. It works as a potent exfoliator in the form of facial scrub and also makes your lips soft and luscious.

The oil also helps deal with acne and dry, brittle nails while working as an effective carrier oil and nourishing your hair too. Indeed, apricot oil is a gift of nature when it comes to maintaining and enhancing beauty.

Have you tried apricot oil on your skin or hair? How did it work out? Share your experience with us!

Did you find all you wanted to know about apricot oil benefits? Did this article help you in realizing how to use the oil to its full potential? Drop a comment to share your feedback!

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