How To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Bites Scars?

Do You Know Bed Bugs Are Not Afraid of Light and Can Bite Even During the Day? Every Year the Number of People Suffering from the Bud Bug Bites Is Increasing. If After Awakening You Notice a Lot of Round Red Swelling on Your Body, Do Not Rush to Refer to a Mosquito Bite, Perhaps Parasites Called “Bugs” Have Come to Your House.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like and how big are they?

Bed Bug picture and What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?
Bed bug bites symptoms and treatment?
Bed Bugs – a Blood-Sucking Insect, Has a Flat Oval Body Shape from 3 to 8 Mm Long. the Colour and Size of Bugs Depending on Their Age and Degree of Saturation with Blood. the Adult Is Light Brown to Brown. 

After the Bed Bug Gets Drunk Blood, the Colour Can Change from Bright Red to Almost Black. the Average Life Expectancy in Bedbugs Is from 1 Year to 1.5 Years. Bed Bugs Feed Entirely on the Blood of Humans, Birds, and Animals. 

When Combing Bites, Large Red Spots Appear Around Them Due to Skin Irritation. Combed Bites Look Like Bleeding Dots on the Body; After Them, There May Be a Scattering of Small Scars.  Usually, Bedbug Bites Are in the Same Line.

Do Bedbugs Itch?

During a Bite, No. You Do Not Feel Anything. You Do Not Feel Pain During the Bite, Because the Bugs Inject a Temporary Analgesic Under the Skin, Which Helps You Not to Feel Pain.

How Long Do Bedbugs Bite?

Bed bugs bite from 3 to 10 Minutes, This Is How Much One Full Feeding Lasts. It All Starts with the Appearance of Medium or Large Spots (Swollen or Flat) on Any Part of the Human Body (Including the Most Common Places – Face, Neck, Hands and Arms). Also, with the Appearance of Spots, Itching and Redness Appear.

Is a Bug Bite Dangerous?

The Most Dangerous Result of a Bed Bug Bite Is a Possible Allergic Reaction. There Are Cases When People Who Are Especially Sensitive to the Enzymes That the Bug Secretes, the Bed Bugs Bite Provoked Anaphylactic Shock.
Severe Allergic Reactions Are Dangerous for Humans; in Addition to Anaphylactic Shock, They Can Cause:


  • Skin Erosion.
  • Intense Swelling in the Bite Area
  • Shortness of Breath (Muscle Cramps in the Bronchi).
  • Hyperemia (Overflow of Blood Vessels in the Bite)


Some People May Have a Long-Lasting Rash. However, More Often, Insects Crawling on the Bed Can Cause Psychological Disorders and Fear of Falling Asleep. Due to the Inability to Rest Calmly, People’s Working Capacity Decreases, Their General Health Worsens, and Nervousness and Irritation Increase.

Difference Between Bug Bites Vs Mosquitoes and Fleas

Bugs of Bedbugs at First Glance Can Easily Be Confused with Bites of Other Insects, Such as Mosquitoes and Fleas Bites. However, Bites Left by Bedbugs Still Have Some Different Features That Allow You to Determine Who They Belong To.

From a Mosquito Bite, a Bug Bite Has a More Defined Shape. Flea Bites Are Distributed Randomly in Certain Areas of the Skin (Most Often the Lesions Are the Legs, Up to the Knees), While the Bug Bites Are Located in Almost the Same Line. the Bug Bite Looks Like a Red, Dense Dot, Ranging in size from 0.1 to 1 Millimetre in Diameter.

Symptoms of Bedbug Bites

Bedbugs Mainly Bite Open Areas of the Body: Legs, Arms, Neck, Face, Shoulders. the Bite Itself Can Manifest Itself in Every Person in Different Ways. The Main Symptoms of a Bed Bug Bite Include Severe Redness, Rounded Swelling, and Irritable and Robust Itching.

In Some Cases, an Allergic Reaction Is Possible, but This Is Rare. Stains from a Bed Bugs Bite Are a Reaction to the Saliva That a Bug Releases Before a Bite So That the Blood Is Better Prepared for Intake. So, the Trace from a Bite of a Bed Bug Remains Longer Than from a Bite of Other Insects.

Interestingly, If an Adult Bug Bites You, Then the Reaction Can Not Immediately Be Seen. If It Is Young, Then Most Likely the Reaction Will Not Take Long – It Will Appear Instantly. This Is Because Young Bugs, Unlike Adults, Are Not Able to Secrete Saliva, Which Contains a Substance ”Anaesthetic”.

So, To Summarize, The Symptoms of Bedbug Bites Are:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Grouped Bites

When and Whom Do Bedbugs Bite in the First Place?

Activities of These Parasites Observed in the Night and the Early Morning Hours, Especially in the Dark When a Person Sleeps Especially Soundly. Sensations from Bites of Bed Bugs Are Often Subjective and Individual.

So, for Example, Most Often Women and Children Complain About Bites. Their Skin Is Thinner and Softer. Therefore, the Vessels Are Closer, Which Attracts the Bug.

Adult Men Are Less Sensitive to Bites, and Sometimes, They May Not Even Notice Them. Rumors that Bedbugs Bite People Selectively, and Even More, So Carriers of Certain Blood Groups Are Erroneous. Bed Bugs Bite Everyone, but the Reaction to a Bite Is Different for All People. So, There Is No Connection Between the Frequency of Bedbug Bites and a Person’s Blood Type.

How to Protect Yourself from bed bugs Bites?

It Is Important to Remember That If the Neighbours’ Housing Is Plagued with Bedbugs, the Insects Will Most Likely Come to You Again Through Ventilation or Other Gaps.

Bedbugs Move with Particular Difficulty on Metal, Leather and Polished Surfaces. as a Rule, These Insects Avoid Such Surfaces, Which Should Be Considered When Choosing a Sleeping Place for Sleeping. in Contrast, Unpainted Wood (Such as a Sofa Frame) for Bedbugs Is the Most Attractive Material.

You Should Do the Following:

  • Wet the Room, Move the Bed Away from the Wall and from Other Pieces of Furniture, Remove Bedding, Wash at the Highest Possible Temperature.
  • Carefully Check the Mattress and Pillows for the Presence of the Bugs Themselves and Their Eggs (Pay Special Attention to the Seams), and It Is Better to Iron Everything with Steam.
  • Lay Clean Bedding So That It Does Not Touch the Floor. If There Is Such an Opportunity, Then Under Each Leg of the Bed, You Can Put a Container of Water, This Will Serve as a Barrier.
  • This Procedure Will Help You Protect Yourself from Bites at Night. It Is Also Known as Bedbugs Do Not Tolerate Pungent Smells and the Smell of Tobacco Smoke.


Bed Bug Bites Treatment and Home Remedies

Any Bed Bugs Bite Symptoms Go Away Within 1-2 Days. If the Bite Site Hurts and Itches, Wash the Affected Area with Warm Water and Soap. for a While, It Will Calm the Itch and Give You Time to Look for Other Means of Healing the Skin.

Also, Folk Methods for Getting Rid of Bites Include:

  • Ice. It Relieves Swelling Well.
  • Aloe Juice or Plantain Leaves
  • A Solution of Baking Soda. You Should Wipe the Bite with a Highly Concentrated Solution.
  • Grated Garlic Should Be Attached to the Wound for a While.
  • Pink Lotion. It Will Help to Dry the Bite Place.
  • Attach Potatoes to the bed bugs Bite.

You Can Also Use Any Soothing Ointment: Afloderm, Psilo-Balsam, Menovazin, Etc. Tindol Helps Well – It Is a Healing Suspension, Useful for Skin Damage.

How Long Does Bed Bug Bite Last?

How Long the Bed Bug Bites Will Heal Depends on the Individual Characteristics of the Human Body, but on Average It Takes from 7 to 30 Days.
for One Week, Redness Around the Bites Disappears.

In Two Weeks, the Bites Themselves Heal, and the Crusts Come Off If You Treat the Affected Areas. From 1 Month or More, Dark Spots and Other Residual Damage to the Skin Can Disappear.

How Long the Bedbugs Go by Depends on the Speed of Cell Regeneration. You Can Speed Up the Process Using the Healing Ointments Mentioned Above. After the Open Wounds Heal, You Can Use Lotions from Scars So That No Scars Remain.

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