Cloves For Sore Throat: How Cloves Can Cure Sore Throat?

Cloves For Sore Throat How Cloves Can Cure Sore Throat

There’s a reason that clove has been allotted a special place among Indian spices for decades. It continues to be used in a variety of recipes owing to the multitude of benefits it offers.

Indeed, clove proves to be an effective remedy against many ailments. (1) But the question is, can it offer you the same relief in the sore throat? How can cloves cure a sore throat?

Cloves can cure sore throat as they comprise phenolic compounds like Eugenol and Gallic acid. These compounds have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that relieve sore throat while also alleviating the pain caused by persistent coughing. Cloves also soothe itchy throat that develops due to dry cough.

But there’s a lot more that needs to be known about the magical properties of cloves.

How to use it to get relief in the sore throat? And is it really safe to consume it regularly?

What other benefits can you hope to acquire by making cloves a part of your favorite recipes? Luckily, I am about to reveal it all.

Cloves For Sore Throat

A sore throat makes it challenging for you to swallow even water. On top of it, it’s associated with extreme discomfort, making it difficult for you to speak as well. Hence, you are unable to carry on with your routine activities.

Of course, you can try medicines to get some relief, but typically, people are reluctant to rely excessively on medications, and understandably so.

Why put yourself at the risk of side effects when nature has bestowed you with a remedy with a better safety profile? Yes, cloves can undoubtedly be immensely beneficial in this situation.

1. Cloves Relieve The Inflammation In The Sore Throat

Yes, sore throat due to a virus or flu isn’t really serious, but they cause discomfort that disrupts the quality of life. And more often than not, it’s the inflammation that is responsible for most of the symptoms associated with a sore throat. Luckily, cloves can remedy this situation pretty effectively.

Cloves Relieve The Inflammation In The Sore Throat

How Do Cloves Relieve Inflammation In The Sore Throat?

Phenolic compounds like Eugenol and Gallic acid present in cloves possess anti-inflammatory properties. (2)

Hence when these components become a part of your recipe, they soothe your throat while simultaneously killing off the bacteria (3) responsible for the inflammatory reactions.

2. Cloves Work As A Natural Expectorant

Usually, a sore throat is associated with chest congestion. You feel that the sputum has accumulated in your respiratory passage, but despite persistent coughing, you are unable to get rid of it. This is where cloves can help you out.

How Do Cloves Work As A Natural Expectorant?

Cloves contain an essential oil that clears your respiratory passage. (4) By using cloves in the form of oil, you can get rid of the congestion within a short span. Indeed, merely inhaling the oil will clear the passage of your respiratory tract, thereby alleviating the symptoms of your sore throat significantly.

3. Cloves Get Rid Of Itchiness In The Sore Throat

Most of the discomfort associated with a sore throat is due to the pain and itchiness you experience. Even persistent coughing causes pain in the throat that makes it challenging for you to go about with your routine activities. Cloves can provide you with much-needed relief in this situation.

Cloves Get Rid Of Itchiness In The Sore Throat

How Do Cloves Relieve The Pain In The Sore Throat?

Cloves contain Eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic compound. (5) Therefore, when you use cloves, this compound numbs the painful area, relieving you of the pain. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties also help in treating the affected region of your throat.

How To Use Clove For Sore Throat?

By now, it’s pretty clear how effective cloves can be in alleviating the symptoms of sore throat. But the question is, how can you use them for maximum benefits? Here are some ways which can help you out.

For Dry And Persistent Cough

If your sore throat is associated with a dry and persistent cough, consume a piece of clove and some rock salt together. Chew them both down together, and they will work in harmony to relieve the inflammation and help reduce the persistent coughing significantly.

You can also mix a couple of pieces of cloves in lukewarm water and drink it before retiring for the night. Your sore throat would have improved significantly by the time you woke up.

For Severe Cough

Bouts of severe cough can leave you breathless. You can use cloves to get out of this situation by taking a piece of it and burning it over a flame. Chew the clove after it has cooled down, and you will feel the difference instantly.

Top Benefits Of Clove For Overall Health

Incorporating this spice into your diet doesn’t only help with a sore throat but does wonders for your overall health too. Here are some of the benefits you would definitely not want to miss out on.

Top Benefits Of Clove For Overall Health

1. Cloves Relieve Toothache

Clove is one of the most commonly found ingredients in toothpaste. This is because it contains germicidal properties that keep your teeth healthy. Not only that, the presence of Eugenol in cloves ensures that dental pain is kept at bay when you consume cloves. (6)

The spice also has aromatic properties. Hence, you can get rid of bad breath by gargling with warm water and clove oil.

2. Clove Boosts Your Immunity

Cloves are enriched with antioxidants.  These work pretty well to get rid of the free radicals in your body and also eliminate toxins from it. Hence, your body is able to fight off ailments in a better manner. The spice also increases your white blood cell count.

3. Clove Promotes Hair Growth

Cloves boost blood circulation. Therefore, by applying clove oil on the scalp, you can reduce your hair loss while promoting hair growth at the same time. Additionally, it also adds shine and volume to your dull hair.

4. Clove Helps with The Stomach Ache

Clove not only helps with a sore throat but alleviates stomach ache too. It calms your nerves and improves your digestion. Hence, a couple of drops of clove oil in any beverage can enable you to get rid of symptoms of indigestion within a short span. (10)

Are Cloves Safe To Eat Daily?

It’s quite easy to go overboard with natural remedies. After all, they are pretty safe, right? However, anything consumed in excess can be detrimental to your health, and cloves are no different.

It’s advisable to start with two pieces of cloves daily in your diet and then build it up gradually. Don’t consume more than five pieces of cloves in a day if you want to evade its side effects. (11)

Yes, excessive intake of cloves can cause many side effects too. These include

  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Itching and rashes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Erection problems
  • Bleeding or swollen gums

Of course, this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t make the most of the many benefits that cloves offer. All you have to do is ensure that you consume this spice in moderation.

Use Cloves To Treat Your Sore Throat Now!

There’s a lot that cloves can help you with. If you suffer from a sore throat and are reluctant to try medicines, you know what to do! Intake of cloves will not only help you with a sore throat but also provide you with a lot of other benefits.

Indeed, cloves are excellent for your skin, digestion, blood circulation, blood sugar levels, and many other things. This spice will improve your overall health significantly.

Have you ever tried cloves for sore throat? How was the experience? Share your story with us. Did this article help you realize why cloves are a suitable choice for treating sore throat? Drop in your feedback, and don’t forget to rate this article out of five to let us know!

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