How Does An Alpha Male Pursue A Woman?

how does an alpha male pursue a woman

The charismatic personality of an alpha male is enough to attract any woman out there.

Indeed, it isn’t unheard of for women to go crazy after meeting them.

But how does an alpha male behave when he falls for a woman?

What makes his feelings and intentions evident? How does an alpha male pursue a woman?

An alpha male pursues a woman by being confident and without coming on too strong. He ensures that the woman is comfortable in his presence while being chivalrous and protective. An alpha male seeks admiration and flirts effortlessly. He takes the charge and shows signs of possessiveness.

But how do these steps enable an alpha male to attract a woman?

And what’s his approach to following through these steps?

They seem pretty basic, and this is where the secret of the actions of an alpha male lies. He doesn’t go all out on a date and focuses on grand gestures.

A significant part of how an alpha male pursues a woman revolves around being normal. Confused? Don’t fret as you are about to find out more.

How Does An Alpha Male Attract A Woman His Way?

Interestingly, the advent of the term goes way back. (1) With time, the traits considered synonymous with alpha males have evolved. However, one thing remains the same.

Women are drawn to alphas like a moth. And understandably so.

Their personalities are highly captivating.

If there’s one way to describe them, it’s that they are comfortable in their skin.

Yes, it isn’t really difficult to recognize an alpha male. (2)

His personality and attitude make him stand out.

The question is, how to determine if he is trying to pursue a woman? How does he behave with a woman he has fallen for? Let’s find out.

1. Asking Out On A Date

Never expect an alpha male to get nervous while asking a woman out on a date.

These men are highly confident and aren’t afraid of rejection.

So they wouldn’t make a big play out of this and will pose the question quite normally.

However, an alpha male will always ask a woman for a date in person and never via text or email.

That’s just his way of letting you know that you matter to him. And he respects you enough actually to pose the question in person, without fearing rejection.

how does an alpha male pursue a woman - he asks to go on a date

2. Making Sure That The Woman Is Comfortable In His Presence

Once on a date, you will soon feel his protective streak.

An alpha male goes out of his way to ensure that the woman with him is okay and comfortable.

This reflects in his behavior. He will check in periodically to ensure that you are doing well.

If he goes out of his way to ensure that you are alright, take it as a sign that he is interested in you.

His protection drive is definitely a sign.

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3. His Chivalry Stands Out

Being a gentleman is a classic trait of an alpha male. And if he is interested in a woman, this will be evident in his conduct even more.

He will walk you to your car or house to ensure that you are safe.

Make note that an alpha male doesn’t walk everybody to their car. He only does it for the people he’s interested in.

He will also show his care with little acts of service.

That’s his way of demonstrating love.

After all, alphas love being there for you and making your life easier. But they don’t do that for everyone, only for people they care about.

So when an alpha male tries to pursue a woman, he carries her things and offers you help freely, not because he thinks you are weak. It’s because he cares!

4. The Protective Streak Comes To The Forefront

Alpha males are protective, and if they like a woman, they try their utmost best to shield them from the bad things.

If an alpha male tries hard to keep you out of harm’s way, it’s evident that he is interested in you and trying to attract you.

5. Seeking Admiration By Sharing Facets Of His Life

An alpha male is never too obvious with his approach.

However, even alpha males love being admired and praised. After all, they have worked hard all their life.

It’s only natural that they would want to be admired for the same.

When an alpha male pursues a woman, he ensures that he shares the various facets of his productive life with her.

That’s because how the woman feels about him is of utmost importance to him.

an alpha male pursue a woman by Seeking Admiration By Sharing Facets Of His Life

6. Being Introduced To His Flirty Side

Alpha males are always confident, and that too effortlessly. So they wouldn’t hesitate to flirt with a woman they are interested in.

While pursuing a woman, an alpha male will tease her, being sly and mysterious.

Indeed, he wouldn’t try to hide that he likes her, simply because he doesn’t have anything to fear.

How does an alpha flirt? Alpha males flirt by emphasizing their dominance and masculinity. They use their strength, power, and skills to get the attention of the one they like.

7. Taking The Charge

This is hardly surprising considering that alpha males are leaders. So they will always take the lead if he is pursuing a woman.

When an alpha male pursues a woman, he seeks their input and opinion. And using that takes the lead and makes decisions.

8. Showcase His Possessive Side

Alpha males don’t hesitate to display their jealous side if they are into a woman.

Of course, every guy gets jealous, but alpha males have a different approach to it.

They will show their discomfort when you talk about your ex. And will also be open about their displeasure if they find out your ex mistreated you.

An alpha male recognizes a woman’s worth.

And hence makes an effort to show how special you are if he is interested in you.

He isn’t threatened by your ex but uncomfortable with the way you have been treated.

9. Being Resentful Of People Who Hurt You

An alpha male’s protective streak doesn’t stop at only protecting you from harm.

When he tries to pursue a woman, he cares about her and her wellbeing. So he will resent anyone who has hurt you, even in the past.

When you tell an alpha male how someone has hurt you, he will likely react strongly to it.

This is his way of showing that he hates the idea of you being hurt.

10. The Physical Aspect

Strength is of immense importance to an alpha male.

But he showcases his power differently from the rest. Yes, he will be big on physicality, but not in the way you would think.

Usually, he will surprise you by lifting you or swooping you off your feet, or even offering you a piggyback ride.

An alpha male knows his strength and ensures that you aren’t hurt as he makes you feel special.

11. He Wouldn’t Shy Away From Cuddling.

When an alpha male pursues a woman, he doesn’t hold back from wrapping his arms around her.

After all, everyone likes being hugged and held. This gives a feeling of security.

When an alpha male is interested in a woman, he wraps his arms around her quite often.

He will be subtle about it, of course. That’s his way of feeling secure and feeling like he is protecting the woman he is attracted to.

12. Big On Plans

Alpha males are typically dreamers and, more importantly, big planners. After all, they work hard to ensure that all their dreams turn into a reality.

They make the most of everything that life offers them and twist the terms as per their convenience.

When an alpha male pursues a woman, his big plans for the future include her as well.

He plans a future with her, which is actually a way to make a woman feel more important.

It’s not easy to find a spot in an alpha male’s dreams. But when he is interested in a woman, even his dreams are there for her.

13. Being Open About His Weakness

Yes, alpha males are confident, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their share of weaknesses.

What sets them apart is that they are proud of their scars. This is why their confidence is so appealing.

But not everyone gets a window to their weaknesses.

This only happens when an alpha male is attracted to a woman.

Alpha males are leaders by instinct. They are bound by pressure to look strong.

However, when they pursue a woman, they are open about their weaknesses.

They show their trust and care by revealing their weak side, which of course, is bound to make anyone feel special.

What Characteristics Are Evident In An Alpha Male?

Suppose you really want to understand what makes an alpha male pursue a woman in a particular manner. In that case, you need a better understanding of his traits (3). Here are some of the characteristics every alpha male possesses.

  • Assurance and grace: An alpha male never has to go out of this way to showcase his inner qualities. His intelligence is evident in all his activities.
  • Well, read: an alpha male is always well-read, reflecting in his actions and words and enabling him to stand out in a crowd.
  • Courage: these men don’t make a big deal out of stuff like asking a woman out. They behave normally, even in the face of rejection.
  • Humility: alpha males know how to move on from their mistakes and don’t let their self-respect take the shape of ego.
  • Sense of humor: these men almost always have a great sense of humor that attracts people their way.
  • Persistence: Obstacles never dissuade an alpha male. He can find a way past closed doors and perform under stressful conditions.
  • Not accepting failures: these men don’t consider anything a failure. They can come out of any situation.
  • Self-Respect: they have high self-esteem and know their worth. They realize that their time is valuable.
  • In control of emotions: alpha men rarely ever show their feelings in public. This ensures that they aren’t distracted from their paths.
  • Decision-makers: an alpha male will never shy away from making decisions. They know how to use their physical skills and strengths in the best possible manner.

What Signs Show That The Alpha Male Is Trying To Pursue A Woman?

Even an alpha behaves in a particular manner when he falls for someone and vies for their attention.

  • He makes special plans.
  • He checks in with you regularly.
  • An alpha male puts other men down.
  • He plans a future with you.
  • He is passionate
  • An alpha male does little things for you like taking out the trash
  • He stands up when you leave the table
  • He participates in the practical matters of the house
  • An alpha male is quite physical in bed

How does An Alpha Male Manage To Pursue Women Successfully?

Women are inevitably drawn to dominant males.

One would think we have come far from the clichéd ideal of tall, dark and handsome. But studies make it evident that women still prefer men taller than them. (4)

The personality of an alpha male is such that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for women to fall for them.  And for a good reason.

An alpha male manages to shine through in a crowd through his appearance, personality, and attitude.

Women like men who take charge as they feel secure in their presence. And this is why when an alpha pursues a woman; there’s quite a slight chance that he would fail.

Let’s keep in mind that there’s a fine line between aggression and dominance. Alphas are dominant but never aggressive.

In fact, they go out of their way to ensure that the woman with them is comfortable.

Of course, it’s not just dominance but the confidence and assertion too that makes up the compelling personality of an alpha.

More importantly, alphas have a persistence about them that’s hard to ignore.

They can get past setbacks effortlessly, which makes for an endearing quality. Indeed, you won’t come across many women who would say no to an alpha.

Alpha Males Focus On Making One Feel Special

There’s no denying that getting into a relationship with alpha isn’t easy.

But once an alpha male is attracted to a woman, he goes out of his way to make her feel special without making a spectacle of it.

For alpha males, it’s more about simple words and actions instead of grand gestures.

So have you ever countered an alpha male? Or have you tried to pursue a woman with all the traits of an alpha male intact? How was your experience? Drop us a comment to share your story?

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