How To Attract An Alpha Male And Make Him Chase You

There are different types of men, but alpha males always stand out. How to attract an alpha is not a cup of tea if you don’t know the traits of an alpha male. To get his attention and make him chase you is what we are going to teach you in this article.

What is an Alpha Male personality?

Usually, the alpha male is called the most dominant man in the group, the strongest, or the most self-confident. An individual who is not only confident in his abilities and strong enough but also gives the impression of strength and confidence.

Alpha Male Traits

The alpha male is a leader by nature, he does not take into account anyone’s opinion except his own, but he is very patient, courageous, purposeful, always responsible for his words. At the same time, it can also be very selfish in relationships, which not every woman will appreciate.

Alpha male is confident and straightforward

This man is always sure of what he is doing or saying; he never stutters, does not stew, and does not apologize. He confidently declares his position even when his point of view is radically different from others.

With a woman, he behaves in much the same way, always says what he thinks, never bustles, and does not try to evade conversation.

An alpha Male dominates

Everything indicates the leadership qualities of such a man: gait, gestures, open postures of the body, and constant violation of the personal boundaries of another person.

The alpha male loves to dominate and keep everything under control, so he will not tolerate a strong woman with his own opinion next to him; he only needs complete submission and trust.

An Alpha Male is able to solve problems

This man has a “cold” head; he never gives in to panic and emotions, considers it an exclusively female prerogative. He was used to calmly walking towards his goal; he is usually calm, balanced, always knows what and how to do to solve the problem that has arisen.

An Alpha Male is a Man of his word.

You can trust such a man; he never gives empty promises, does not brag about the result, without finishing the job, is always responsible for his words and actions. You can be sure that if this man promises something, he will surely fulfill it, if not, he will honestly and bluntly say about it, will not hide anything, hold back or hope that he will “carry over.”

An alpha male does not like quarrels and scandals

Alpha males avoid clarifying relationships and do not succumb to provocations of women; they do not respond to tears and rarely break down at a cry.

These men calmly listen to the interlocutor and then express their vision of the situation, then events develop like this, either you come to a compromise, or you agree with his opinion, there is no third way.

But there is a definite plus in this, in relations with such a man it is quite natural because instead of tantrums and scandals there is a calm discussion of problems.

Signs of an Alpha Male Attraction

When they are interested in a woman, men always try to behave like an alpha male. I like to call it peacock. They should show you that they are a better option than the rest of the guys. So if he is trying to show you that he is a “man,” then he is in you.

He protects you

He takes you to the front door or asks you to write to him that you are safe. He may be a gentleman; however, usually, friends do not bring it to that level. If he protects you, it is because he cares about you.

Teases you

You know the old saying: if a boy teases you, he likes you. Well, that’s true. If the boy teases you, most likely he is trying to hide his feelings for you. Try turning this teasing into flirting if you want to move forward.

Asks you questions

He wants to know everything about you. Where did you go to school, how many brothers and sisters do you have, and he does not ask you these questions, because he should. He asks you because he wants to know more about you. If he is in no hurry to get to know you on a personal level, he likes you.

Staring at You

There is something called the “triangle of flirting.” No, it’s not where the ships disappear, but where the guy is looking at you. If you notice that his eyes look at your eyes, and then at your mouth, and repeat the cycle, well, in general, the triangle of flirting, he is interested not only in what you are talking about.

Loves being around

If the room is empty, but he decides to sit pressed to you, come on, girl, he is in you. Men like their own space; however, if they like you, they will sit next to you.

How to attract an alpha male?

An alpha male is a man that all women dream of. He is beautiful, smart, caring – in a word, the same ideal that they say that there are no such people. But here he is, in front of you. You have found it.

But how to impress such a man and become his life partner? To do this, you must have these qualities:


He also knows how good he is. And also looking for a better woman. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to convince him that you are just like that. And for this, you have to convince yourself of this.

Even if you do not have a model appearance, self-confidence is exactly what makes all men look at you.


Men do not like it when a woman makes herself out of who she is not. And the alpha male, spoiled by female attention, understands the ladies perfectly and can bite you right away. It is better to find traits that may be of interest to men, and operate on them.

Ease of communication

Although men want to be heroes and defenders, they are not particularly eager to begin to solve the problems of women at the first stage of dating. If she is now full of difficulties, then what will happen then?

Men are very fond of women, with whom it is easy and not necessary to strain. This is what promises a pleasant, comfortable relationship that will not be tiring. And when you have really serious problems, he will be ready for them and help.


A strong and self-sufficient woman does not scare men away at all, as some people think for some reason. And on the contrary, they consider them to be excellent companions of life with whom it is comfortable and pleasant to live.

Such a woman will not hang a dead weight on his neck and will not hang on her numerous problems. Moreover, she will be ready to support her beloved in a difficult situation – an ideal partner for a strong man.


The ideal woman from the point of view of the alpha male is simple, not complicating the situation, but at the same time interesting and enthusiastic. She has a life-long job, many different hobbies.

She loves to read good books, watch good films, listen to decent music, and therefore she always has something to talk about. If you are able to have a meaningful discussion with anyone about any idea, and it interests you, then you are at an advantage.

Bright personality

To attract the attention of an interesting man, you must stand out from the crowd. you need a bright personality. Be more attractive, smarter than other women. Very often, the advantage is slight insanity – men adore cheerful and naughty women.

A sense of humor is also an important detail. It is challenging to communicate with a woman who does not have him – after all, the representatives of the stronger sex adore joking and love when they laugh at their jokes. And they are not opposed to chuckling themselves.

Inner core

If you want to conquer this man, make sure that you are stronger. The alpha male is not looking for an obedient, supple young lady who will meekly cook him soups.

He needs a strong woman who is capable of many things herself. Yes, perhaps your life together will be a constant rivalry, but this is exactly what such men are looking for. They do not like and do not want to be bored, and therefore, they choose a woman whom they will not get bored with as their life partner.

How to keep an alpha male interested?

If an alpha male is attracted to you, and you still want to try your luck with him, remember a few of the following tips:

  1. Learn not to argue with him. Alphas are self-confident and will not tolerate when someone does not take their opinions into account. Let him be wrong a hundred times. You have to be silent.
  2. Give him the appearance of freedom. If you regularly call him and ask where he is and with whom, you won’t achieve anything except that he won’t come at all. Perhaps even you will not see him for several days and all this he will do only to prove to you his love for freedom.
  3. Praise him. There is no better way to show a man that you really admire him, how to praise him. And the alpha male, this applies, first of all, they always want to feel the best, in everything. And if this is not always the case, still find where you can express your approval.
  4. Accept his shortcomings. Despite all the leadership qualities, it cannot be said that alpha males are perfectionists. Something yes, there is one where they allow themselves some kind of sloppiness.
  5. Surprise him. Hot blood flows in the blood of such a male, and therefore, he leads an active, eventful life. And if you decide to become the one to which he will return every night, learn something new, regularly conduct some experiments in bed. And be an interesting woman.

So, once you meet an alpha male, try either to leave him in time without getting hurt, or stay, but get ready to fight him until the end of your days.

Alpha Male and Alpha Female Relationships

Alpha males love alpha females; this is the only ideal partner for each of them.

  • When an alpha man meets an alpha woman, the initial attraction rolls over. They can’t get enough of each other.
  • Psychologically, they are on the same wavelength as each other. And physically it’s just ecstasy.
  • The biggest challenge for the two alpha relationships is deciding who is in charge. For the alpha guy, there is only one answer to this – and that is He.
  • If you want to argue who makes the best decisions, you will still find yourself in a losing position. Alpha men will not agree to obey you; that’s the point.
  • Alpha women say they want a strong man, but in fact, they are not ready to obey him. And here comes the problem. That’s the reason; In the relationship between an alpha man and an alpha woman, the biggest struggle is the mental one.
  • Alpha of any gender is very smart, so alpha guys have the same problems as you. They know what they want and are ready to do everything to get it.
  • The struggle of the minds is tiring. Alpha men usually choose less sophisticated women, to focus on what they want to do in this world, rather than competing in the brain and achievements with their partner.
  • As stated in the beginning, there is one small problem: who will be in charge? If you can solve this one question, your alpha male will stay with you forever.

Alyssa Bieler

Alyssa Bieler is a writer with a medical background, currently working for a county health department in Florida. She is a well-respected public health researcher on a variety of topics related to nutrition, wellness, and health.

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