10 interesting nutrition facts you should know

10 interesting nutrition facts you should know

Did you know that a cracker for your teeth is more harmful than candy, a chronic cough can be treated with chocolate, and we also have something in common with potatoes? Well, we are ready to surprise you now. Here are 10 interesting nutrition facts.

shocking nutrition facts
shocking nutrition facts 

Stickers on fruits are edible

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends washing fruits before meals but they do not prohibit eating stickers on them. These stickers, as well as glue for them, are FDA approved and safe to swallow. Nevertheless, we recommend still remove them before eating fruit.

Spicy foods prolong the life

A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that eating spicy foods once a day can reduce the risk of death by 14%. “Biologically active ingredients in hot foods, such as capsaicin, can lower bad cholesterol and maintain healthy triglyceride levels.”

Tomatoes in the fridge lose their taste

A new study, published in the writings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that storing tomatoes at temperatures below 12 ° C hinders their ability to produce substances that contribute to flavour and taste. The fact is that cold temperatures reduce the functionality of genes that are responsible for the aroma and ripening of fruits. For this reason, tomatoes are best kept in the darkroom at room temperature.

Lemons have more sugar than strawberries

Strawberries contain 40% sugar, and lemon almost doubles. We do not notice this because of the large amount of citric acid that is contained in them. Moreover, this amount of sugar in lemons can cause obesity if there is too much of them, but citric acid is unlikely to allow it.

Microwave is the best way to preserve all the minerals and nutrients in vegetables

The best way to keep healthy and nutritious foods is to heat the food for a minimum amount of time and use the least amount of liquid. It is the microwave that best copes with this task. “When you cook food in the microwave, close it tightly and add less water, creating an effective steam environment, and you will retain the maximum amount of nutrients,” advises registered nutritionist Catherine Adams Hutt.
But the grapes explode if it is heated in a microwave. Don’t do it.

Egg yolks have more nutrients and minerals than proteins

The yolks contain all the beneficial vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a full and balanced diet. Of course, proteins are better suited for dieting, but if you need a lot of nutrients, yolks are your choice. Yes, they contain cholesterol in large.

The smell of chocolate reduces tension and calms the nerves

“Chocolate invigorates, if there is one, and soothes if you inhale its flavour,” says British psychologist Neil Martin. “But this is only about real chocolate.” He conducted a study with a group of volunteers and came to the conclusion that the aroma of chocolate soothes the nervous system and relieves stress much better than the smell of any other product. Moreover, chocolate is an effective remedy for chronic cough.

Cracker for your teeth is more harmful than candy

We will not dissuade you that candy is bad for your teeth. But it is worth remembering that there are still many products that are much more dangerous than candy. For example, crackers. The fact is that the teeth are destroyed not by sugar, but by acid. When the cracker sticks to the teeth, there is an excellent environment for the development of acid-producing bacteria.

Sea salt is no different from ordinary food salt

Even though sea salt is positioned as more healthy and useful, in its composition, it is no different from ordinary food salt – it has as many nutrients and sodium. Iodine is also often added to table salt for the health of the thyroid gland.

Potato absorbs wireless internet signal

Last but not least shocking nutrition fact that you should know.

Boeing’s research has proven that we have something in common with potatoes. It is the ability to absorb and reflect radio waves. Due to the high water content and specific chemical composition, potatoes can absorb the signal of the wireless Internet. Using sacks of potatoes instead of passengers on aeroplanes helped the company find and fix weak spots in wireless signals during the flight.

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