A Step by Step Guide to Practicing Object Meditation

Meditation is a mind and body practice to increase calmness and clarity, which can reduce stress and promote happiness. Scientific studies have shown that meditation also supports neuroplasticity. Meditation creates new neural connections and this improves health, wellness, concentration, and learning.

There are many types of mediation but these four elements are essential for every kind of meditation.

  1. Peaceful environment
  2. Comfortable posture
  3. Focus of attention
  4. Open-minded attitude

What is Object Meditation?

Object mediation is a kind of visual meditation that involves an external physical element, like a candle, a flower, a rock. This is an ideal meditation for beginners, as it helps us to improve focus without discourses of the mind.

Object Meditation Benefits

Meditation is not “doing” and there should be nothing to focus on. But finding that void is very difficult, therefore object meditation is a good practice to start with.

Once we can focus the mind on an object, it is easier to let it free itself of its thoughts, to stop “doing” and just being.

But since as a beginner we are conditioned to concentrate on the tasks we must do, giving the mind something to occupy itself with helps it focus. These objects are the way to stop the course of a mind that jumps from one story to another.

In object meditation, the object is irrelevant. It is only important that we give it proper attention.

But it is better to choose objects that do not generate any emotional response, such as a photograph. And to do it with objects that fill us with energy, such as a natural object.

Object Focus Guided Meditation for Beginners

Choose an object. It can be a flower, a tree leaf, a candle flame, an art object, or something you want to observe.

Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair, with your back straight and your body relaxed.

Focus your attention on the object. This should be small enough so that you can observe it without moving your head and large enough that you can observe it in detail.

When looking at the object, find a balance between focusing your eyes on it and softening your gaze so that you don’t focus on any specific detail.

Observe the object as it is, without interpreting it. Do not weave stories with your mind about it, do not go to the past or the future with your mind, stay here and now.

For example, observe how rough or smooth its surface is, but don’t use mental words to describe its characteristics.

See how the light falls on the object, explore its qualities, but do not put labels on what you see.

Keep your attention on the object for a few minutes. Every time you lose your attention, refocus your attention on the object.

Object Meditation Image

Object Meditation Image
Object Meditation Image

Object Meditation Script

Here is the script for meditation on an external object along with the video.

  • To practice object meditation or gazing meditation I’ll invite you to look around your space and find just a single object that you want to focus on.
  • Your time and attention in this next bit of time
  • Place that object in front of you and make yourself comfortable
  • When you’re settled in
  • Close your eyes
  • Connect to your breath
  • Slow your breathing down just a little bit
  • Feel that that drops your awareness in just a little bit more
  • Notice how your body is feeling at this moment
  • Breathing easily and softly
  • On your next full exhale
  • Allow your eyes to gently open
  • And for your gaze to land upon that object in front of you
  • Hold your eyes very steady here
  • keep all of your awareness concentrated on this object
  • As you breathe here gently just notice
  • The shape
  • The colors
  • The textures
  • The surface and
  • What’s inside this object
  • Just really taking it all in
  • Notice what it feels like to hold your gaze and attention right here on this single object, in your next breath notice something new about this object Unless your awareness and attention expand once again to the wholeness of this object sitting in front of you.
  • Take a deep breath in and keep your eyes squarely focused on that object
  • Exhale and close your eyes again
  • Notice this image might be imprinted in your mind for a few breaths
    and then slowly fade away
  • Notice what it feels like now to breathe gently here
  • To feel these sensations in your body
  • To take this moment to focus
  • When you feel ready
  • Take another breath in as you
  • Exhale gently
  • Open your eyes and thank you for taking the time to practice object meditation.

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